First Visit Forms

Please print and fill out these 2 forms before coming to your first appointment.

intake form
Intake Form

Notice of Privacy Practices form
Notice of Privacy Practices Form

How to Schedule

Call 425-646-8978 and download the Intake Form on this page to have it filled out for your first visit with Dr. Harris 

If you have an emergency please call 911

First Office Visit

Time Plan for 1 hour if you have already filled out the intake form
Listening:  You talk and tell me in your own words why you are here.
Detailed interview: I direct the conversation to access deeper details of your present condition, and clarify what is happening to better understand your experience..
Informed consent form For us to go further I need to have you sign an informed consent form. Then we can start with a physical exam.
ART (Autonomic response testing): I may perform ART to determine what the priorities are and help direct treatment.
Consent and  then Treatment:  I will propose a treatment and answer your questions.  I will give you my best understanding of what to expect.  Also, Lab work will be started or set up as needed.
Plan of action:  We discuss together the next steps.

Return Office Visits

After the first visit, office visits are usually 1 hourin length.  I will continue the plan from the first visit and modify it as needed.

Fee Schedule

Payment is due at the time of service.  I accept personal checks, Visa and Master Card.

First visit is 1 hour $350
Other visits are usually 1 hour $250
Half hour appointments, when discussed $140
Neural Therapy, Neural Prolotherapy or other injection therapies
added onto the office visit charge
$85 to $200
Impromtu phone calls over 10 minutes $35
Phone appointments are at the visit rate $140 per half hour
Supplements and nutrients.  I can pack and ship products. vary in price

There may be a cancellation fee if less than 24 hours notice.


I am not a preferred provider on any Insurance programs at this time.  Therefore, I do not bill insurance companies.  If youhave insurance and want to find out if you can get coverage for myservices you need to call your Insurance carrier.  The key wordsto say them are "Do I have coverage for an "Out of NetworkProvider."  (That's what I am in your case);

I may, at your request, provide you a medical bill if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. 

HIPPA Statement

Please find my HIPPA Statement.